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In-Person Attendance

NOTE: As of 2/10/23, the convention hotel and many other Pittsburgh area hotels are selling out fast (due to Taylor Swift concerts occurring during the con weekend, among other things), we are recommending that travelers acquire their lodging first, before registering for the conference, to avoid difficulties. 

       • (Early Bird) – Launch through September 30, 2022  –  $150

       • October 1st through October 31st   –  $200

       • November 1st through December 31st   –  $250

       • January 1st through May 15th   –  $350

      •  Single Day Passes -- tbd and available at door

Virtual Attendance Only

       • Like last year, a portion of the conference will be live streamed and a range of pre-recorded material will be available during and after the conference -- Price TBD

Combination Virtual & In-Person Attendance (aka a "Hybrid" Ticket)

       • TBD

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